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                   Used Pumps / Water And Sand Pumps / Dredge Pumps For Sale

                                                           Gorman Rupp 4"

Used Gorman Rupp 4" Pump on trailer with 4" suction and 4" discharge, John Deere diesel engine, 5,100 hours......$ 6,850.00

                                                       GIW Dredge Pump

Used GIW Dredge Pump ONLY Model 8x8LSA-25....FOB: Sylacauga, Alabama $23,500.00

Optional Drive unit: 6 cylinder diesel/JD Diesel with PTO.....FOB: Sylacauga, Alabama $15,000.00

                                                   Galigher Vacseal 10" x 8"

Used Galigher Vacseal 10" x 8" Sand Pump ONLY, N8-VPC-207, with new wear liners, powered by a 125 HP electric motor 3 PH.60HZ.....F.O.B. Sylacauga, Alabama...$15,000.00
NOTE: Add $500.00 To have this unit cleaned up and painted..

                                                   PEERLESS Model 1025A

Used PEERLESS Model 1025A Pump, 10 HP Electric Motor, 3" X 3", with Control Panel and  cables.               FOB.Sylacauga,Alabama...$1,200.00

                                                     PEERLESS "F" Series

Used PEERLESS "F" Series Model: 1030A, SM" 479029,  4" X 4"., 600 GPM, 15 HP electric motor, control panel with cables.           FOB..Sylacauga,Alabama..$1,800.00

                                                    LaBour Tabor 6X4 Pump

NEW LaBour Tabor Model 6 X 4....13..Pump on support stand powered by a New 40 HP electric motor.
Price: $ 4,750.00    FOB..Sylacauga, Alabama