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                                       Sand & Gravel Plant / Twin Screw Towboat


2006 Suction Processing Dredge Plant, new construction 2006 at National Maintenance and Repair in Paducah, KY, The Dredge was constructed on a rake front hopper barge with approximate dimensions of 195' x 35' x12' the vessel hull was over plated with 1/4" steel plate on the entire bottom, side knuckles, stern knuckles and six feet up the sides and then epoxy coated. The entire 16" x 120' suction was replaced with AR pipe in 2011. Major components are as follows: 12x14 GIW LSA 36 Suction Pump, 400 HP DC Drive Motor, 1000 KW Genset driven by 12v 149 Detroit Diesel, 600 KW Genset driven by 3412 Cat, 150 KW Triton Genset powered by John Deere, Kaeser SK 15T Air Compressor, Krohne flow and nuclear density meter, 15000 Gallon Fuel System, New 16" x120' AR Suction Piping, Tabor 6x16 Triple Deck TH120 Shaker Screen, 10x12 GIW LSA 32 Sand Pump, Krebs 026 Sand Cyclones, 48" Kolberg Single Sand Screw, 30" Marco Product Conveyors, Wintech Ladder & Barge Moving Winches,

Asking Price: $3,000,000.00 ...


MN Mellissa R, 1956 Official Number 271983. The boat is a Twin Screw with approximate dimensions 5Tx20'xT, The main engines are Cat DC353E series diesel engines producing approximately 850 HP in conjunction with Cat Twin Disc 4.087:1 gears, The generators consist
of (1) Lima 30 KW driven by a Detroit 3-53 engine and (1) Lima 30 KW driven by a Detroit 2-53 engine. The boat was dry docked upon purchase in 2004 at national Maintenance in Paducah, KY. The boat had the underwater shafts, bearings, steering rudders and flanking

rudders all repaired or replaced. The 60" diameter pitch props were repaired at Missouri Dry Dock and Repair. All the cutlass and bronze bearings in the struts, stern tubes, rudder trunks and steering jockey bars were replaced. All the skin coolers that provide cooling water to the
engines were removed and replaced. The hull was sandblasted and coated with coal tar epoxy. The upper deck, deck house and all attachments were sandblasted and coated with two coats of epoxy. All the space air conditioning and heating systems were replaced. All flooring in cabin spaces was replaced. The boat was equipped with all proper lighting and navigational instrumentation,

Asking Price: $400,000.00 ...



MN Lucky D Towboat, 1976 Official Number 570195. The Boat is a Twin Screw powered by two Detroit Diesel Series 60, 11.1 liter engines producing 700 HP in conjunction with 3.0: 1 reduction gears and 40" diameter propellers. The boat has one John Deere generator and one Cummings generator. The boat was dry docked at Missouri Dry Dock and Repair in Cape Girardeau, MO in August 2005 for a major rebuild. The propellers we removed and repaired. The boat main shafts were replaced and new bearings installed. The steering rudders were removed and repaired along with reworked shafts and new cutlass bearings. The main engines were and reduction gears were removed and replaced with the engines and gear boxes described above on new engine bases. The main engine channel coolers and associated piping were removed and replaced. Rebuilt port and starboard bilge containment's and installed new sump pumps and piping. Installed new fuel transfer

pump and piping. Rebuilt hydraulic oil tank and pumps. Installed new fire pump and sea chest. Installed new pressure tank, hot water tank, pump and piping to the freshwater system. New sewage system installed. New shower, sink and toilet installed. New air conditioning system installed. All deteriorated steel flooring and base metal on the boat was repaired or replaced. All the old electrical wiring was replaced with new wiring. The boat was equipped with all the proper coast guard lighting,

Asking Price: $325,000.00